Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019

Saturday 26 October

Below you find more info on the plenary activities of this day.

Plenary Opening (9:30-10:30)

Radical re-design of interdisciplinary education in global contexts

Moderator: Carl Gombrich, Program Director, London Interdisciplinary School, UK

Panel members:

  • Aincre Evans, graduate student University Leiden , NL
  • Ed Fidoe, founder London Interdisciplinary School, UK
  • TBD

More than before global contexts and problems are challenging universities worldwide to reconsider how they prepare students for their future contributions and jobs. What if we could design a radical new interdisciplinary curriculum that prepares students to tackle the most important and complex social and environmental challenges of the future?

What should students learn and un-learn? What empowers them to make new connections, collaborations and find new solutions? What would a different model of academic education look like and who would benefit from it, or perhaps lose ground in such future? How can universities avoid the homogeneous community of well-off students in their outreach activities?

Experts in the field, will spark the discussion with the audience  with short challenging presentations under the guidance of the moderator.

Plenary Closing

More info will follow

Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

29 May 2019