Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019

Nuts and bolts: Designing Interdisciplinary Education

23 October, start: 9:30 am, Conference location

This interactive workshop provides an opportunity to learn the tools and techniques of interdisciplinary pedagogy. Participants will define terms, practice backward design in the building of interdisciplinary learning outcomes, and learn best practices in interdisciplinary syllabus and assignment development and assessment techniques.

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Karen Moranski, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Programs, Sonoma State University

Scott Crabill, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations, Oakland University

Content of Workshop

Participants will have the opportunity to build skills in interdisciplinary pedagogy and integrative teaching strategies. We will start with backwards design: focusing on building interdisciplinary student learning outcomes that can lead to syllabi and assignments that maximize students' ability to integrate disciplinary perspectives, theory and practice, classroom and community. Participants can practice course tools and creating assessment plans. This workshop is particularly helpful for those conference-goers new to interdisciplinary studies or for faculty or administrators who are designing or redesigning courses or programs to enrich interdisciplinary and integrative learning.


  • Participants will build skills in developing interdisciplinary student learning outcomes and assessment plans 
  • Participants will learn about interdisciplinary pedagogies that help students integrate content, methodologies, skills, and practical applications across multiple domains
  • Participants will work on syllabus design and assignment building that reinforce interdisciplinary knowledge-making and integrative skills


09:30  Welcome and introductions of presenters and participants
09:45  Definitions of interdisciplinary and integrative learning 
10:00  Backward Design: Building interdisciplinary course learning outcomes
10:30  Elements of interdisciplinary pedagogy
11:00  Assessing interdisciplinary student learning
11:30  Connections to the conference
11:45  Final Questions, wrap up, and feedback

Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

24 June 2019