Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019

Effective team science with interdisciplinary translation

23 October, start 09:30 am, Conference location

During this workshop, participants will gain an introduction to a newly proposed method for conducting effective interdisciplinary team science. By embedding a trained interdisciplinarian in research teams we aim to build a larger team capacity and translate team communication across disciplinary languages and cultures (Interdisciplinary Translation)


Andi Hess, Director, Interdisciplinary Translation and Integration Sciences, Arizona State University 
Roosmarijn van Woerden, Lecturer at LAS, University Utrecht with a research expertise in Team Sciences

Content of Workshop

Participants will be placed into interdisciplinary teams and given an example scenario with a complex system and a complex problem. One person will be briefly “trained” as an interdisciplinary translator and given a set of guidelines to follow while facilitating the ‘team collaboration activity’.  Participants will practice communicating across disciplinary boundaries and collaboratively produce a conceptual diagram of the complex system, along with integrated potential research questions. Teams will present these outcomes and then engage in a discussion regarding the experience. At the end of the workshop we reflect on the process and co-create an inventory of best practices for Interdisciplinary Translation.

Expected Outcomes

·         Participants will gain hands-on experience practicing effective collaboration.

·         Participants will co-create an inventory of best practices for interdisciplinary translation and building team capacity for team science research.

·         Participants will be able to use boundary objects in future team scenarios as a tool for discussions that cross disciplinary boundaries. 




9:30 am Welcome and Introduction
9:40  Participant introductions
9:50  Presentation – basics of interdisciplinary translation
10:10  Short break
10:20  Team activity- introduction and instructions
10:50  Executing team activity
11:10 Short break
11:20 Team presentations and debrief
11:45 Final Questions, Wrap up and Feedback
12:00 End


Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

16 May 2019