Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019

Friday 25 October

Below you find more info on the plenary activities of this day.

Plenary Opening (9:30-10:30)

Doing inter- and transdisciplinary research in global contexts: challenges and opportunities

Moderator: Machiel Keestra, Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam, NL

Panel members:

Interdisciplinarity is often associated with solving real-world problems which implies taking into account multiple determining factors instead of abstracting away from those. However, investigating a real-world problem in our increasingly globalized world implies that the context of such a problem is potentially overwhelming since determining influences on a problem can now easily have a global dimension, whether it concerns the problem of health, migration, climate change, poverty and so on.

Plenary session- Young scholars forum (16.15-17.15)

The future of interdisciplinarity: Share your dreams 

•    Sandra van der Hel, University Utrecht, The Netherlands
•    Lucas Rutting, University Utrecht, The Netherlands
•    Roosmarijn van Woerden, University Utrecht, The Netherlands
•    Elke Olthuis, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands 

Current societal challenges faced by nations worldwide call for interdisciplinary scholars. It’s time to move beyond traditional approaches of research in academia. It appears that collaboration across disciplinary borders does not come natural to many scientists. Therefore, it is more urgent than ever to educate and promote a new generation of scholars trained in interdisciplinarity. Against this background, early career researchers look into the crystal ball and share their dreams on the future of interdisciplinarity.

These young scholars dream about crossing bridges.  Not only about crossing bridges between scientific disciplines and epistemological traditions but also about the passage between science and politics, teachers and students, people in interdisciplinary collaborations and disciplinary and interdisciplinary science.

After the young scholars shared their dreams, they invite you to participate. The question to you is: What is your dream for the future of interdisciplinarity? The floor is yours!

Dinner Party

(bus leaves at conference location at 17:30, boat docks at Central Station at 21:30)

Step aboard on the beautiful paddleboat 'Kapitein Anna' built in 1911, and enjoy the mediteranian buffet while we make a tour around the IJ-river of Amsterdam. After dinner it is time to get to know your fellow conference participants a little better by setting foot on the dancefloor downstairs or sharing your deepest thoughts in one of the lounges. The dinner and a welcome drink is included in your conference registration. The bar is open for more drinks at your own cost.

Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

4 June 2019