Association for Interdisciplinary Studies Conference 2019

About the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) of the University of Amsterdam

host of 41st AIS Conference

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is the UvA's knowledge centre for interdisciplinary learning and teaching. It develops new courses or formats in collaboration with the UvA faculties.

The IIS has more than 15 years' experience in interdisciplinary education and continuously develops substantive education innovations with an interdisciplinary character. The institute identifies new themes and issues linked to current developments in academia and society. 

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (IIS) is the center of expertise of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the field of interdisciplinary learning and teaching. Together with faculties or external clients, the IIS develops new education and organises the education for a coule of interdisciplinary bachelors and masters. At the institute you can receive advise on learning, teaching and developing new teaching concepts in interdisciplinary context with the associated organizational and teacher professionalization of your need.

Published by  Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

20 April 2018